Arizona’s Hidden Secret Of Awesome Mountain Biking Trails

There are a lot of sports and hobbies that take tons of money to get into and stay afloat in then return very little benefit for your mind or body. But mountain biking is just the opposite, you can get started for just a few hundred dollars, it keeps you in top fitness, and there are few ongoing expenses compared to the time you spend having fun. If you compare any of the normal weekend activities like going to the movies, eating dinner out, drinking at the bar, or attending a large sporting event, none of them will give you any exercise, will cost you lots of money, and then fill you up with salty, greasy, heart attack food for a week.

Arizona Has Some of The Best Mountain Biking Trails In The US

While Arizona isn’t nationally recognized as a hot spot for mountain biking this is largely due to a lack of good advertising. There are some of the best trails in the US throughout the state but since Utah, Colorado, and California spend more to bring in the biking tourists they are better known. This means that the trails, beautiful that they are, are largely vacant with almost no riders in comparison. That makes the state a perfect destination for people that don’t like bumping into others every few minutes as they ride.

The Arizona Trail is one of the longest trails in the US, stretching all across the entire state and is 800 miles long from north to south. There are a few portions that are closed near the Grand Canyon but the rest is wide open to biking. There are literally hundreds of day rides that people have mapped out all along the trail in different sections as well. You can find their GPS coordinated descriptions on many different forums to read and follow.

There is also another called The Hangover, Sedona Trail which is very well known. Ask any avid biker about it and they’ll have legends to tell you. The scenery is nothing less than spectacular and the trail has some outrageous curves, jumps, and twists that bring enthusiasts from afar to experience. The trail is long and can be divided into several different trips, enough to make an entire summer of mountain biking just mastering sections of this one great trail. You can find plenty of maps and descriptions of this trail in online biking forums to help find the right difficulty for you and your friends.

If you find yourself adding extra pounds on each weekend and having to diet all during the week to recover, then mountain biking is for you. You’ll find yourself losing weight on the weekends and having to eat heavily to gain it back during the week and you’ll have more energy than ever before.